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Unexpected encounter by Ironmatt1995
Unexpected encounter

    So I did this one as kind of a test. Ok so I’ve been watching a bunch of coloring and drawing videos than after several panic attacks and questioning myself I decided to try to get better. Now I’m trying some of the techniques I saw. One common thing they all said was time, like how fast they were able to complete it. It’s something that I’m going to have to keep in mind from now on. This one took me three and a half hours to complete. Any critics are welcomed. 

    Oh right the image itself. Ok so this a character I’m working on right now. I’m calling him scythe right now until I could think of something better. To make a long story short he was a side kick with magic, then he left his partner (his older sister), then got brainwashed into being a loaded gun for the bad guys, than he was freed from their control, now he’s hunting down the people who did that to him. I’m still writing him, but that was gust a quick summary of him the full story will be more deep and heart breaking…I hope.

    “I’ve caused all of you too much pain. So please do me a favor don’t tell her you saw me.”     

Hot Sauce Committee by Ironmatt1995
Hot Sauce Committee
"United we stand". The hot sauce committee is my gaming team, well actually I'm there newest member. But regardless we have a logo so suck it! This a collaborative between Jacob (cousin) and I.  
Wish me luck by Ironmatt1995
Wish me luck

“Oh, Dad's here, too! He's, uh, you know... Dad. He's still teaching at Signal. But he told me that he's going to be on some mission soon. I think he misses adventuring with you... I miss you too.”

    Ok finally finished. Based on possibly my favorite scene from rwby. I loved stuff like these, seeing a character like Ruby having a nice quite moment. Its also one of the few times we get to see Ruby’s softer side as she talks to her mom about what she’s been through over the past two seasons. Anyways I could go on and on about this scene alone.     

    I think it was a beautiful way to start off the emotional roller coaster that was volume 3. Cant wait to see what they got coming next, so till than see ya!

  • Listening to: rock
  • Watching: Red vs Bule, other stuff
  • Drinking: stuff

     With another semester done its time for some summer fun! For me that means more free time to work on whatever I want and trust me I will. Right now I’m focused on two projects Quest for Kane and a secret (along with some small stuff here and there in between).  I will give you a hint it involves a gundam. The only thing that is delaying me is my job and the arkham knight. 

      That’s all I have to say for now. So, until next time stay gold. Bang.      


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